About the MOOC Agile

“Change is the only constant” as mentioned by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus already 1500 years ago. The need to adapt to changing situations drives change in our way of doing things. In our society it becomes more and more important to adapt faster to those changes. The need to let go of what you have become, is a cause for insecurity. How should we change and is it ever enough?

AgileThe term Agile has become a working title for this “constant change” in software or product development. It originated from adaptively learning how we do things in software development and goes back to the fifties. In a ski cabin in Snowbird (Utah) in 2001 17 people came up with the Agile manifesto and the principles behind this manifesto.

Agility starts with embracing the fact that change is good. This mindset is no longer only applied in software and product development, but also embedded in all aspects associated with the people around it.

This has inspired us to develop a Massive Online Open Course to make the core values behind the agile mindset (transparency and adaptive learning) to be a commodity for all. With this interactive journey we offer our knowledge on Agility to you but we also encourage you to learn from each other to apply Agility in different contexts.

How does the MOOC work?

The MOOC starts on November 19th 2018 and will take four weeks. But the registration is open!
During these weeks we will cover several topics, such as Why Agile? What is Agility? What means being Agile? How can you use Agile?

We will do this by sharing video’s, blogs, readings, etc. with you. At the end of each topic we will challenge you with a number of questions and statements. Parallel to this, a discussion platform will be created where you can share thoughts, ideas and content with the other participants. The idea is that you don’t just learn from us, but also from each other. The MOOC Agile is self-paced. You decide when and where you want to take the course, within the five week period.

What are the topics?

Week 1: Welcome and why Agile became so important?
Week 2: What is Agile
Week 3: How to be and act in an agile way?
Week 4: Now it is your turn

MOOC Facilitators

This MOOC will be facilitated by the MOOC team of INSPEARIT.

About the Platform

The MOOC will work through the latest version of Curatr, an innovative and engaging social learning platform. Through this platform, you can access a variety of learning objects, collaborate and discuss with your peers and contribute content to enhance to course.

Who is this MOOC for?

The MOOC ‘Agile4All’ is aimed at all professionals who seek a fun, interactive, flexible, fast and easy way to keep up to date in todays Agile world.