Foundations of the Social Age


In the Social Age, everything has changed. Some people say we are still in the Digital Age, but we are through it now, left with a legacy of technology and connectedness that will persist through all time. The technology changed everything, but it’s not the thing to focus on. It’s the underlying sociology that counts: the way we connect has changed, the ways we learn, work, lead and play. The ways we do everything.

The Social Age is about communities, it’s about people and the impacts that are delivered by the technology. We are now connected to knowledge in new ways, connected to knowledge that is, in itself, evolved: more dynamic, co-created and adaptive. We are connected to communities in which we take multiple and varied roles, often under multiples flavours of our own identity.

Join this MOOC to explore 12 aspects of the Social Age. Explore the realities, the challenges and the possibilities that it brings. We need not simply to adapt part of what we do, we need to adapt the fundamental nature of the organisation itself, and to do that, we must understand these aspects of the Social Age.


Together we will explore 12 core aspects of the Social Age, enabling you to deepen your knowledge and understanding of this new world. Foundations of the Social Age offers you the space to share your own stories and experiences of the changes and challenges you face, both as individuals and within your organisations. It offers practical activities and provocation questions that you can use and apply in your own organisation and gives you access to a community of generous and like-minded individuals.

The MOOC is designed and curated by Julian Stodd, author and founder of Sea Salt Learning. Julian is a Social Age pioneer. He specialises in exploring learning design, the role of communities, social collaborative technology and social leadership, as well as exploring the role of these within our organisations.


The course is designed to be open – a space for you to explore the Social Age at your leisure. If you’re interested in a specific aspect then you can jump straight into that. Be aware that many of the aspects are connected, and a deeper understanding may come from taking a look at other aspects as well. You’ll be guided by Julian and by other participants. We’ll encourage you to help each other on the journey.

The course will run for six weeks, and you will have access to a wide range of resources to help and challenge you.


Julian Stodd
Julian Stodd is a writer and consultant on the Social Age. Author of eight books, including ‘Exploring the World of Social Learning’, and ‘The Social Leadership Handbook’, and over a thousand articles and blog posts, Julian works on strategy and delivery with many global organisations. You can find his latest writing at

Julian is the founder of Sea Salt Learning, where he helps organisations get fit for the Social Age. Clients include financial services, military, manufacturing and petrochemical, as well as healthcare and charity. Julian splits his time between writing and working around the world, exploring the strategy and implementation of learning, leadership and cultural change.


Curatr is a social learning platform from HT2, providing organisations and individuals the tools to design, deliver and facilitate gamified, Social Learning experiences whilst making the best of the content and systems they already own.


This MOOC is aimed at anyone facing challenges brought about by a changing world, particularly in an organisational context. Thought leaders, practitioners, leaders, professionals of all levels of experience, as well as those with general interest in the subject.