Learn xAPI


Interest and use of the xAPI has really gathered a pace since the turn of the year – which is reflected in this updated version of one of 2015’s most popular free MOOCs from HT2 with new content and conversations.

Join this MOOC to explore both the technical realities and the strategic possibilities of the xAPI. If you want to write your first xAPI statement and understand the difference between an Activity Type and a Context Extension, this is the place to be.

Equally, if neither of these things mean a darn thing, we are the community that will help you make sense out of your data strategy, and your roadmap for the medium term. This MOOC will be open to contribution and allow you to explore the content and conversations that best fit your needs.


xAPI represents a small step and a giant leap for learning-kind. In many cases, the small step will modernise how organizations go about storing, sorting and sharing learning data built up around online courses. The giant leap will enable more personalized learning experiences, allow us to measure ROI and make learning all about performance, not completion.

In the course we’ll take a look at what the xAPI is, how it’s being used, and what you need to know to get started using data to help with your learning design.


The course is designed to run in two separate streams: one that looks at the strategic side of things, and the other that looks at the technical aspects. You’re free to follow whichever stream you wish, though you’ll likely find that you’re best suited to one or the other and we recommend you follow one stream during the facilitated period, and then take a self-paced approach to the other.

We’ll also be running a series of events during the first month of the course – resources from which will be made available for you to catch up on at any time if you’re unable to make it to the live broadcast.


Craig Taylor
Learn xAPICraig is a Solutions Architect at HT2 and has many year’s experience working in learning technologies in industries ranging from the Military to Nuclear and Finance to Rail. He‘s always looking at ways of being able to harness current and emerging technologies and will be glad to see the day when we can finally drop the ’e’ from elearning.

Ben Betts
LearnxapiBen has been working with organisations to help them define their approach to big learning data and xAPI for the last 3 years. He joins up the technical ‘how’ to the organisational ‘why’ of xAPI.

Ryan Smith

RyanLearnxapi is the community manager and developer of Learning Locker, the Open Source Learning Record Store. His focus is around specification compatibility and implementation of xAPI.


Curatr is a social learning platform from HT2, providing organisations and individuals the tools to design, deliver and facilitate gamified, Social Learning experiences whilst making the best of the content and systems they already own.


This MOOC is aimed at L&D Professionals of all levels of experience, as well as those with general interest in the subject.